Dear Supporter of the Arts,

Arts education is essential for two reasons. First, It provides a creative outlet where the freedom to dream allows us to challenge what “is” and determine what “could be.” Secondly, it cultivates essential leadership, core values of integrity, discipline, respect, commitment, teamwork and community.

We can only meet our mission with the assistance of supporters like you. Today, with your donation, you can help us to reach out to the community, enhance our programming, and transform the lives of others. A donor envelope is enclosed and a gift of any value is appreciated and critical to the success of our on-going mission.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Kind regards,
Ana Marsden Fox
Executive Director

Project Ballet in Education

Funds directed here would go to support our performances where tickets are heavily discounted for school children, homeschool students, Senior Citizens and patrons wanting to learn many aspects of a story ballet as well as the theatre experience.

General Operating Fund

Funds directed here will go to support the operations of the company including internships, office costs, advertising, etc.


These funds would be used to support our annual scholarship program. Scholarships are given both based on need and/or talent to SBRI dancers of all levels to attend the Brae Crest School of Ballet, the official school of The State Ballet. The State Ballet of RI has a long tradition of supporting the dance education of the company.

Membership Term

SBRI’s Membership term runs July 1, through June 30, for the upcoming season. If you are able to support, please send in your donation by mail or online on SBRI’s website.

Members will receive first notice of upcoming performances and invitations to special events throughout the year.

Should you choose to become a “Gold Patron,” you will receive two complementary tickets to our annual holiday Ballet, Coppélia.

As a “Golden Benefactor,” you will receive two complimentary tickets to Coppélia as well as our Spring Ballet in March.

Corporate memberships/donations

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Junior Member (under age 16) $10.00
Individual/Couple $25.00
Contributor $50.00
Sponsor $75.00
Patron $100.00-199.00
Bronze Patron $200.00-349.00
Silver Patron $350.00-499.00
Gold Patron $500.00-999.00
+ 2 complimentary Holiday Ballet Tickets
Golden Benefactor $1,000.00 & up
+ 2 Comp. Holiday Tix & 2 Comp. Spring Tix