The Story of PHANTOMGREEN Ballet Suite

Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story The Princess and the Pea

Queen Vitilly is busy supervising the preparations for the return of her son, Prince Eugene, from his journey around the world where he was looking for a bride. Prince Eugene enters, and relates to his mother his adventures and tells her that he did not find a bride of his liking. As a surprise, the Queen presents to the Prince her choice of two Princesses from neighboring castles. The two Princesses are clumsy and awkward, and bring much humor to the court, and horror to the Queen.

A storm approaches, and a girl seeks refuse from the storm. She appears to be an ordinary girl, but her natural beauty attracts Prince Eugene. She introduces herself as Princess Lenora.

Not yet convinced that Leonora is a genuine Princess, Queen Vitilly conceives the “Pea Test” – after observing her son’s flourishing attraction and affection for Leonora.

The Cook, with a single, tiny pea, enters and loses the pea, which is later recovered. Queen Vitilly personally places the pea under the mattresses on the bed in which Lenora is going to sleep for the night.

The dreaming Princess squirms and tumbles out of bed with nightmares of several surrounding, dancing peas. Leonora, being found on the floor the next morning, reports her nightmares and sufferings to Queen Vitilly, who is now convinced that Leonora is a real Princess. The Queen gives her blessing to the Prince and Princess, and all is joyful, ending with the wedding procession. And they live happily forever after!