About The State Ballet of Rhode Island

The State Ballet of Rhode Island is the longest standing semi-professional civic, regional ballet company in Rhode Island and one of the longest standing in the United States, that performs a service for its region. Herci Marsden is the Artistic Director and a founding member.

The State Ballet of Rhode Island is the state's first established classical ballet company in residence. Its mission is to create, present, preserve and extend the great repertoire of classical dancing to the widest possible audience, while providing exciting performances and educational programming of the highest quality.

Since its premiere performance in November of 1960 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, SBRI has sustained itself in a wide variety of venues. Also, SBRI is the state's first ballet company to offer Cultural Enrichment Programs to community schools. The Explore Ballet Workshop is designed to offer an onsite ballet curriculum including demonstrations and short performances. The Field Trip to the Ballet gives students an opportunity to attend the ballet at the theatre. It is here that students and faculty are guided through the performance. The choreographer discusses the mechanics of staging, music, lighting and the ballet itself. Discussions with the students also include the physical training and history of ballet. This is a great educational experience many students have enjoyed.

The State Ballet of Rhode Island maintains its mission to provide artists with an opportunity to experience the arts through diversely creative programs and performances, while also providing a positive creative outlet for dancers, composers, musicians, writers, costume designers and artists of all genres. It is here that many talented and developing dancers have found a place to share their passion for the arts. Project Ballet in Education programs have been designed to assist in the development of a new generation of ballet patrons. Dance education programs also include master classes, workshops and summer ballet camp.

Many accomplishments have occurred during The State Ballet's long history. Some include: performing with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, Providence Opera, WaterFire and numerous state-wide civic celebrations, as well as representing Rhode Island throughout the United States and Europe.

Former company dancers of The State Ballet of Rhode Island have gone on to work with many prestigious dance companies all over the world. Many dancers, female and male, have also established their own professional companies. For more information about The State Ballet of Rhode Island, its school, and programs, explore our website or contact Ana Marsden Fox by e-mail at info@stateballet.com or by phone at (401)334-2560.
The State Ballet of Rhode Island, Rhode Island's first classical ballet company in residence, is a non-profit, regional, semi-professional ballet company
whose purpose is to promote and maintain the highest standards of dance education and performance.

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